Erroneous data capture from a table, out-of-bounds search area

Best regards, I am currently working with a Layout within FlexiLayout, I must extract the records from certain fields, however, when I see the results I realize that they are inconsistent records because the search area is cutting off part of the words In this case, my questions are: How can I extend the search area of all the records of a specific field downwards without affecting the recognition of the records of the other fields? Or, if possible, can you provide me with another alternative to extract these dates.

Here is an example: On the right the data is correctly recorded, but with the lower search limits higher than normal and on the left the records are altered because the search limit causes the words to not be recognized correctly.

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    Anton Vakhtel

    Andy Arias Hi,

    I would recommend using the Repeating Group for more flexibility in the search area, etc. when capturing tables. You can find an example of capturing the table using the Repeating Group here.

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