ABBYY Flexicapture console initial login keep returning me to login page again

Hi ABBYY Team,

I created the DB successfully and it showed to login using the windows current user and the default password.

I tried it with the 'password' and it showed me invalid user name or password.

Then I tried to login use my domain password it seems to be accessing a page and then return me back to login page and if I can any character in the password, it would show me the invalid password error again.

So I believed if I enter my domain password it do match to the user in DB but it seems to be hit by another error and then force me back to login page again.

I have tried to uninstaill ABBYY and re-install it, but still got the same behaviour.

My ABBYY is the latest version and server is windows server 2016.

Can you please give any hints for resolving the issue?



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    Anton Vakhtel

    Yang, Bin (Upstream Solutions) Hi,

    I have created a ticket based on your post. The ABBYY Customer Support Team will get in touch with you via ticket as soon as possible.

    Best regards,


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