Export the extracted data to the same Excel, ignoring blank pages.

Hello everyone, I am using ABBYY FlexiLayout to create a layout that extracts certain data from the recognition of a pdf document that has the first page with records, the second blank, the third with records, the fourth blank, the fifth with records and the sixth blank, the flexilayout everything works correctly, I added the pdf in the definition of the document in ABBYY FlexiCapture and it also works correctly, however I have a situation that I cannot handle and that is where I need help, at When I upload the pdf to ABBYY with the pages with records and blank pages, it returns the data from page 1 in an excel and the data from pages 3 and 5 in a separate excel, but when I load a pdf without including the pages blank it exports the data from page 1, 3 and 5 to the same excel, do you know why it could be giving me this error? This is what I want the data to be exported only to an excel.

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