Compatibilty version 11 to version 16

Just evaluating compatibility problems between FineReader PDF 11 and FineReader PDF 16. Some questions came up:

1) Is there a chance to read current FineReader PDF 16 documents to my old version 11?

2) Can I use and process our existing FineReader PDF 11 documents in the new FineReader PDF 16?

3) Is there an upgrade path from FineReader PDF 11 to FineReader PDF 16 or will it be just a new license?


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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hello Manfred!

    I assume you're talking about OCR Projects (that were called "FineReader Document" in the version 11). For them:

    1) Unfortunately, no.

    2) Yes, FineReader PDF 16 can open the projects created on FineReader 11, but it will convert them into the v.16 format and there will be no way to open them again in the v.11 after that. So make sure you have backup copies.

    3) You need to purchase a new license. Individual license can be purchased directly on If you're interested in multiple licenses of FineReader PDF 16 for an organization, please submit a request to our Sales Team on to get a quotation. 

    Regular PDF documents or scans can be converted both in FineReader 11 or FineReader 16 regardless on in which version they were created.


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