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Does anyone know how to access Support? I can't submit a request because I don't have a license number since the product in question - FineReader for Scansnap - came with the scanner. A phone number, email, building address I can fly to, anything to enable contact with a warm body will be helpful



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    Sagan Wallace

    You might try "n/a" for the license number field, I don't think it verifies the license as part of the submission process. Or try 000-0000-0000-0000 or something similar. Good luck!

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    Victoria Dvornikova

    Hello Jay,

    Yes, you may enter NA or something similar in the License number field.

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    Jay Lauriano

    I greatly appreciate the prompt replies. Thank you. Unfortunately, the suggestions for the license number field failed to light the Submit button.


    If a Support rep views this thread, I would greatly appreciate passing along the following issue:


    On an increasingly number of PDFs scanned with a Fujitsu ix500 on a Mac Pro running High Sierra, the following error occurs:

    "Error recognizing document.
    Unsupported font Times New Roman."

    This is a very common font. 

    How do I solve this problem?



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