Different OCR results, Hot Folder and FineReader

Or I should say Hot Folder can't simply add a text layer under images without altering the image qualities of a PDF.

I want to add the OCR text layer to a PDF composed entirely of images without altering the image content at all. Opening recognition with FineReader and then saving achieves the desired effect. However, using Hot Folder does not simply add recognized text content; it inevitably "substantially" changes the PDF file. For example, a 50MB PDF generated by FineReader becomes 51MB. However, if the Hot folder uses high quality, it will be approximately 200MB, and if compressed, it will become 10MB, even if they use the same settings in Options| Format Settings| PDF

I guess Hot Folder and Batch OCR all use the conversion function, which would decompress and compress everything. FineReader uses the add function. I am saying if the source and the output is PDF, why not make an exception to leave as it is.

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    Sagan Wallace

    Make sure you have "Use MRC Compression (requires OCR)" UNchecked when setting up the hot folder program - it's under Step 4, Save As "Options"

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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hello Abbe! Your guess is correct: Hot Folder is a conversion tool. Just adding a text layer to an image-only PDF without altering the PDF in any other way is not possible with it. Such operation, however, can be done in FineReader's PDF Editor using "Recognize Document" feature ("Recognize..." button on the main toolbar). Please note that adding a text layer to an image-only PDF will always add a bit to the file size. 


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