Workflow management in FineReader Server 14

Below you can find a few tips to start working with workflows.

If you press Create new workflow in FineReader Server 14 Administration Console you will see a window with workflow properties.

Press OK without changing anything to create a Default Workflow with properties configured by the developers. If you just downloaded FineReader Server 14, you already have this workflow in the list.

Start the workflow and you will be able to add a file to the Input folder already created in a default directory: C:\Users\Public\ABBYY\ABBYY FineReader Server 14.0\Default Workflow\.

The result will appear in the Output folder in the directory mentioned above. If you didn't change the properties, you will receive a PDF with a layer of recognized text placed under the image (default recognition language - English). The image will be automatically rotated if necessary, deskewed to an appropriate angle and its resolution will be changed to a DPI recommended for best recognition results.

You can save the workflow on your computer by pressing Export Settings...

It will be saved as an *.xml file which can be shared or edited via a text editor.

Exported workflow can later be loaded back to FineReader Server 14 Administration Console.

You can select multiple workflows and Start, Stop, Export or Delete all of them at the same time.

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