How do I normalize dates within Flexicapture?

Open Project Setup Station and the Document Definition you are working with. From there, open the field properties for the date you wish to normalize, select the Date data type, and click Edit to the right of the display information for the data type. Here you have a few options. You can select 3 check boxes if the document will potentially have months in words, include day of week, or will include time.  Check the appropriate boxes.  From there click the Setup button. This will open a box and will allow you to select the Date formats that you expect. If you expect all three formats, then select them all and click Ok. After you make this change and publish the Document Definition and run a document through Verification Station will allow the user to select the appropriate date from the User Interface.

If you know the format will ALWAYS be a specific date format (for example: EU format) then go back into Project Setup Station and open the data normalization options again and click Setup. You can leave all 3 checked, but move the format you are expecting to the top of the list using the Move Up button and click the “Use first acceptable date format.” This will automatically select the EU format (as long as the format can logically match) and make this the selection for the Verification Station operator.

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