FCI- Purchase order line Item matching performance

In Flexicapture for Invoices when performing line item extraction and matrching against a dataset we begin to see a substantial slow down in the  recognition/extraction and matching of the documents if the vendor data set exceeds 600k rows(entries). One way to alleviate this slowdown is making an edit to the rule match invoice line item with order item within the Line Item element in the document definition. One the rule settings tab in the field links area the default order of the fields to be matched is : UnitPrice, Quantity, TotalPriceNetto, Discount, Article, TotalPriceBrutto, BUId, ItemId, OrderNumber. If the order is changed to BUId, OrderNumber, TotalPriceNetto, TotalPriceBrutto, Article, UnitPrice, Quantity, ItemId, performance will increase dramatically.




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