My images are processed too slow, what's wrong?

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    Ryan Raiker

    The processing time depends on many factors, the most important being your image quality, the upload speed, and the service workload. Here are some things you can try if you are dissatisfied with the processing speed you get.

    1. See Source Image Recommendations for advice on scanning and photographing your documents so as to improve recognition quality and save processing time.
    2. Check your upload speed, especially if you are sending large images.
    3. If your images are of good quality, you can skip some of the preprocessing stages to increase recognition speed. Set up the following parameters of the processing method you are using:
      • imageSource=scanner
        if your images are scanned and not photographed; some types of distortion will not be detected
      • correctOrientation=false, correctSkew=false
        if your image is the right side up and not askew
    4. If you do not need barcode recognition also set readBarcodes=false.

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