Using FineReader Engine with Python

How to get started with FineReader Engine when using Python?

Although ABBYY FineReader Engine (FRE) does not fully support Python as a programming Language by default, there are still options to integrate ABBYY´s FineReader Engine into your Python sourcecode.

Option #1: Python wrapper using comtypes

Although an official Python wrapper for FineReader Engine 12 does not exist, a FineReader Engine code sample in Python for Windows is available. The code sample utilizes the comtypes package to load the Engine.

Please see the codesample attached:



Option #2: Python wrapper using subprocess and the Commandline

Another option is to use the provided codesample “CommandLine Interface” that lets you use FineReader Engine with parameterized commands. You could for example call the Commandline Interface from your Python environment by using the subprocess module.

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