Exporting Batch Registration Parameters

How can batch registration parameters be exported along each document data?

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    You should read out registration parameters into some field using script.
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    Alberto Torino
    The solution was using the "After document created" event and assigning the registration parameter from the batch to the document. A single line of code does that (Document.Properties.Set "MyRegistrationParameter", Me.Properties.Get("MyRegistrationParameter").
    Doing that allows you to access the parameter in the export script by simply using Me.Properties.Get("MyRegistrationParameter").
    It should be nice to have access to the batch registration parameters as well as document fields for the export script.
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    Herr Gerritsen
    You can also create a Service Field in a document definition. (Create Field -> Service Field)
    Select as Data Source for this field Batch Registration Parameter or Document Registration Parameter, then enter the name of the Parameter.

    Other usefull information provided by Service Fields are Image Source, Last Editor, Document Count, etc.

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