how we can edit a scanned document ?

i have scanned documents but i cant made a change on the text and save the back ground on the same time

i want to know how tom edit the text only and keep the document at its in first stage

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    Unfortunately you can't do that with FlexiCapture. FlexiCapture is more of a datacapture tool. i.e. You are automatically capturing data from a document. It almost sounds like you need a conversion tool. i.e. FineReader 11 Professional or Recognition Server (depending on the amount of images you might be processing). This tool will let you convert your image to Microsoft Word, where you can then edit the text.

    The one part that has me concern is that you also want to"save the back ground on the same time". This is more of image manipulation tool now. i.e. You have a report card with D's and want to change them to A without the whole document looking different from the original look and feel. In that case you would be better off with tools like Photoshop or Gimp.

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