Web Capture Station versus Scanning Station

Can someone explain the difference between the web capture station and the scanning station? I scan documents through the scanning station, the default URL is just /Scanning and it was one of the web pages installed when we did the distributed installation. There is also a web scanning station web page at /Capture which I cannot browse because it says there are "no available projects." I can scan documents through the scan station after I enabled that in the Flexicapture project and then uploaded this to the server through the project setup tool. Thanks in advance.

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    Easiest option is to think of the Web Capture station is as a "Web based Standalone Station" So unlike the standard Distributed Edition wrokflow, where you have different station to do different task (Scan Station for Scanning and Verification Station for Verify documents), all of this done in the Web Capture Station. It does this by combining the Web Scan Station and Web Verification Station into the Web Capture Station. The advantage here is that its Web Based (Customer doesn't need to install client software) and there is one central location for the Project instead of possible multiple location with multiple Standalone Version install.

    So it looks something like this.

    User Logs into the Web Capture Station.
    They Select their Project then go to Scan
    The Interface will take you into a Web Scan Station
    Once you're done scanning, it should take you back to the Web Capture Station
    In this Interface, it will show all the Batches you Scanned and any Batches that need Verification
    If you need to Verify a batch, click on it
    It will take you to the Web Verification Station now.
    Once you finish the Verification task, it will export the data automatically based on your export setting.
    You can also manually download the export results too.

    Hopefully that hasn't confused you. If so, you might want to contact your Sales Rep for a demo of this. Shouldn't take more than 10 min to demo. Also if you ever attended FC10 training, the trainer also demoed it for us.

    As for why, you get the error message "no available project", in order to use WebCapture station, you need to set your Batch Type's Workflow for WebCapture (remember even if you don't have a batch type, you do. -- Default Batch Type is Project Properties). Also in my region we get 1 WebCapture station as standard in our license. In other region this Capture Station might be an additional cost.

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