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Which permissions should be granted to a network user in the protection server in order to operate the workstations?.
I have some users that can not and some others that can operate the workstations (Scanning, Verify...) in a pc.
With the ones that cannot I get a messages stating that the license has expired (which is not true), and that the http://server can't be contacted.
Any ideas?

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    I assume these computer are not setup in a domain environment are they? If they are in a workgroup network setup, you will need to use pass-through authentication. Please refer to the Admin Guide on how to set this up.

    Bascially you need to create the same user and password on the server as on the workstation that is trying to connect to the server.
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    Let try a couple trouble shooting. I briefly translated the error message so it a bit different from the English error message I usually see.

    First try this -
    On the computer where you are trying to open up the Scan Station, please go to this folder or where ever you installed the Workstations:
    64bit OS - C:\Program Files (x86)\ABBYY FlexiCapture 10 Stations
    32bit OS - C:\Program Files\ABBYY FlexiCapture 10 Stations

    In that folder, there should be a "LicensingSettings.xml" Look in that file and make sure where it says "ServerAddress=" that it list either an IP address or computer name only and without the "http;//" If it does have the "http://", please remove it. Try opening the station again.

    If the last step doesn't work, open up the Processing Server. Make sure your Processing Server is correctly configured and started.

    If the last step doesn't work, drop the firewall on your Server. If it that works, check the Admin guide on which port you need to open up on the firewall. I don't have an admin guide in front of me but I think its port 80 for the web server and port 10040 for the protection server.

    If all the above doesn't work, let me know what time zone you're in. We can do a team viewer meeting or something.
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    Alberto Torino
    If i log on with a different user in the same pc, the stations can be used without problem.
    So, we can be sure that the Processing server is configured ok and running. Seems to be something regarding user rights. I will try to log on with the user i'm having problems in other pc in order to see if the problem is with the user or with the user in on pc. I'll try to do this tomorrow because the problem araise in a cutomer's installation.
    It's very weird because it was working ok prior to a license expiration.(the user could work in the pc using the scanning station without problems) After the license was refreshed, trying to access the scanning (or any other) station gives the error.
    Kind regards, and thanks for the feedback.

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