Export settings table columns and group field values throwing error

I am trying to export some group field values to a corresponding .xls file, but the export settings are throwing the following error: "Export to data files: Two columns in table 'Flood Document' have the same name: "."

In the export settings, it looks like the table name is being automatically generated, and I cannot change this. How do I get the group field values into the export file?

Thanks in advance,
Marty H

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    Without looking at the project its a bit difficult to see which column have the problem but from the sound of it, it looks like two column have the same name. You can either try and create a new export but this time don't go into the field mapping. Just leave it default and don't even go in there. Try export and see if it works. Or rename all the table columns to something original. i.e. c1, c2, c3, etc. Maybe two of the column have same name like "total" and "total invoice"

    If you could upload the project somewhere, it would be more helpful though.

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