Licensing and switching between virtual machines

Is it possible to have a license that allows Flexicapture10 to run in a cluster without having to attach the dongle usb port to a particular node in order to allow moving the virtual machine where FC is running between the different nodes as needed?

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    Andrew Zyuzin
    It is a tricky question

    From one hand, I can suggest you to use some software that redirets USB devices. It is well known that Hyper-V virtual mahines do not support USB tokens (see, so we have to use such software to work with USB dongles from virtual machines (the software I've tested with ABBYY FlexiCapture a couple years ago was USB over Network). So, this was not tested but I can guess that we can configure access to one shared USB device from two virtual machines.

    But surely it is a bad advice for clustering. If you use cluster for FlexiCapture License Server your only goal is redundancy, high availability of License service (there is no sence to use clustering for load balancing for license service, its load is never very high and so, there is no posiibility to share the load between two License Servers). To achieve this you have to double all resources, including USB dongle.

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