Automatic sorting of documents prior to scanning?

Welcome. I learn Abbyy configuration FC10. Is it possible to sort the documents prior to their recognition, in order not to lose the license for identification documents. Thank you in advance.

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    What do you mean by "sort documents prior to their recognition?" If you are using a scan station you can manually sort the documents before sending them to recognitions. Also even after recognition, you can move the pages around or re-recognize them without loosing a page count. The page count doesn't happen until the pages enter the system. Once the images are in the system the page could will not be taken again no matter how many time you re-recognize the image within the system

    Also this question is about FlexiCapture but you posted it in Recognition Server forum. Did you mean to talk about Recognition Server? In any case, Recognition Server also as a Scan Station that you can also manually sort before sending it to recognition.
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    Hello, I just started to use the Recognition Server scanning station, and as default the images in a batch or document are named "page x" (x=1,2,3...10,11,...). When i send them to the processing station, to an hot folder (i.e. a workflow that separates documents by barcode) they loose the correct sequence (page1, page10, page11, page 2, page 3...) mixing up the documents.
    Do I need to rename the files by script before exporting them from the scanning station or am i missing a better way to keep the correct sequence for the processing station?
    Thanks in advance

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    I guess, you can separate docs right at the Scan Station. It can separate the docs too. Edit - separate documents

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