One page gets split into two - not what I want

I have a document, it's a financial document, a Rent roll, and it contains 15 pages of columnar data. When I drag the PDF into FineReader it cuts each page into two and I end up with 29 pages, each is only half of what I started with. It appears to cut each page at the same column, but piecing them all back together is additional work that I should not have to perform each time this happens.

The PDF pages are landscape but the result in Fine Reader is portrait. How can I have FineReader recognize that there is no page break at this specific column

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    I'm think you're talking about FineReader product and not the FlexiCapture product. I'm not aware of FlexiCapture splitting the page image. You might want to contact your local support for FineReader help.

    But just off the top of my head, it sounds like a setting issue in FineReader Retail. Depending on which version you have, just go into Tools - Options - Scan/Open. See if there is "Split Facing Pages" is enable. If it is, disable that.

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