How to split cells, or add rows in an area selected as a Table

I have a document that has a lot of rows and columns. I'd like to split the rows into 2 but because the first column doesn't have data in the position of both rows, it automatically selects both rows as one. In the attached picture you can see that the data for the second row starts in column 7 & 8.

How can I add another row/divider so that I can import properly?

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    I want to make sure you're not talking about using FineReader like in your other cases. If not, you can easily capture the split row by using Repeatable Groups. I was going to try and create and sample repeatable group using the sample image you provided but the quality doesn't let me do it. In any case, if you have better images, I can create a simple repeatable group to help capture those rows.

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