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I need guidance on implementing the following scenario for my client.
They have 4 groups and each group has 15 types of identical documents (unstructured and structured). I mean each group has same 15 types of docs. So after export there should be 4 Group folders and each group folder has 15 sub folders of doc type within.
How can i use only 15 doc defs for all 4 groups and still redirect to right export folder?
Since export setting in Doc Def allows you to create doc structure so how 1 doc def can generate 4 export folders?

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    use export settings like tags by index fields
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    Thanks for reply Maxx.
    Tags by index field is only for filename not for Folder name. Am i wrong?
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    Feri Santosa
    Is it Flexicapture or Recognition Server?
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    Feri Santosa

    Sorry it must be Flexicapture since you are using Document Definition.

    If what you mean is you want to export 1 document ( 1 document definition with 15 sections) to 4 Folders(Groups) with 15 document inside (means all group are identical in content?) you can try scripting and separate each sections into file.--> its complicated but will be practical because in 1 batch you can have many documents.

    If you dont want to do scripting : batch will represent group --- > 15 document definition will be file inside the group --> easiest way is making 4 export destination (each folder represent group)
    (This scenario is less scalable since 1 project is recommended to have batch less than 500)

    But if you have identity in fields that differentiate one group to another it will require script.

    1. Condition if indentityfield = certain value
    2. Check if folder exist if folder not exist create one
    3. Create files into the folder

    By using above ways, yes you may have 15 doc def for 4 groups.


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