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I am running standalone version of FlexiCapture 10. Could anyone please help me to understand (talk me through) the process of how different images are matched to different document definitions in the FlexiCapture. Also why would the document sometimes not match even though there is a Classification Tree as part of the Layout definition? I mean I have an auto classified Layout with distinctive features for each image however on setting up image import profile the images that load up sometimes get matched incorrectly. I have the verification and recognition settings the same on all the DD. Or does this definitely mean that automation on standalone is completely impossible or where could I be going wrong?

I have worked through the example SingleEntryPoint right from the classficiation to the capture there appears no flaws that appear in my case. In the example there is no case of mismatched identity would this status be possible if there was a HotFolder feed in operation? Am I missing some very important fact somewhere?

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    This can be a really tough question to answer because of the type of setup. Please refer to this knowledgebase for a high level explanation of it

    As for the logic based on what you're asking I'm going to assume you are using FlexiLayout Document Definition because you mention Classifier. Classifier do not work with Fix Form DocDef. So even if you setup a classifier it is only a "workflow" that will point it to a set of FlexiLayout DocDef to match against. The FlexiLayout is what tells it to match against and what is supposed to be captured.

    As for the FlexiLayout, its all the search element that you created that determines it is matches against this FlexiLayout DocDef or not.

    In most cases, you really don't need classifer project until you have a lot of DcoDef. How many DocDef do you have that you already need to use a Classifer Project? When you say the Document don't match what do you mean? Are they getting ID as something else or are they getting ID as unknown? Is there a video of your project or even project and sample image I can look at.

    BTW did you ever get the FlexiCapture training?


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