failed to export, script execution time out (i can not find registry in win server)


I am getting this exception when i try to export any doc , i am using export script (VB) . I know i can change that in registry.

I am using windows server 2012 and i can't find Controller or particular registry key in given path.


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ABBYY\FlexiCapture\10.0\Controller\ScriptSupport\DefaultScriptTimeout "

Can anyone help me out?

Thanks in advance

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    The path you listed is correct. The registry is not there by default. You need to create a new key for the Controller and ScriptSupport branches. Then create a new string value for the DefaultScripttimeout in the Scriptsupport branch
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    Oh I also forgot. As long as you are using StandAlone or Project Setup Station, that registry will work. Remember that processing is done by the Processing station. So in that case, you need to check what account the processing station is running under and put the registry under there too. Check the Windows Services and find the SID for that user account. Or you can make is easy for yourself and use the same account you logged in with when you made the registry edit.
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    Thanks for your replies Sushi.

    I used only one account (admin) to install abbyy servers and use same account for form processing. I changed registry setting to DefaultExportScript = 50,000 (tried from 2 mins to 10 mins) , still i get error execution exception in script.
    My VB export script is 70 lines long (i am generating color OCRed PDF files and xml file )and i try to export 25 page doc. And every time i export same doc but the line where exception occurs differs, mostly occurs in bottom lines of script when i create xml file.

    part of script where problem occurs

    dim XMLfileName, XMLfile

    XMLfileName = fileName&".xml"

    Set XMLFile = fso.CreateTextFile(XMLfileName, True)

    XMLFile.WriteLine "ocuments xmlns:form="">ocuments>

    XMLFile.WriteLine "xmlns:addData="""">"

    XMLFile.WriteLine " <_doctypesdocdef:_doctypesdocdef adddata:imagepath="" "="" &="" filename="" &="" ".pdf"="" &="" """="">

    XMLFile.WriteLine "xmlns:_DocTypesDocDef="""">"

    XMLFile.WriteLine " <_document_section_1>"

    XMLFile.WriteLine " <_staffid>"& RegParam & ""

    XMLFile.WriteLine " <_documenttype>" & folderNameLevel2 & ""

    XMLFile.WriteLine " "

    <_DocTypesDocDef:_DocTypesDocDef> XMLFile.WriteLine " "

    ocuments> XMLFile.WriteLine "ocuments>"


    'Set XMLFile = Nothing

    'Set fso = Nothing

    Attaching reg edit image for reference.

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