Save recognized words to cache

Can someone explain the following?
Save recognized words to cache - select this option if you want the recognized data from cache to be available when filling in field values during verification.

I found this in the ABBYY Helps information for Document Definition properties. I'm wondering if this will save known words from previous validation and then give them preference during recognition.

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    Hi DanAyo

    no, this option helps to fill in the field but not recognize. If you enable this option and for example some field will not be found you can select a region in the image. The words recognized in this region will jump into the field. IF the option is not enabled you will type the words manually
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    Thanks for the clarification, Ivy.
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    This feature saves results of full-text pre-recognition performed during Flexilayout matching. Normally this text layer is used only for field regions calculation. But with checkbox "save recognized words to cache" this text layer will be used when you assign a region for field without region or redraw an existing region.

    Without the checkbox such an action would lead to running local recognition with settings of field's data type. But on remote verification station and on web stations local recognition is prohibited and earlier after redrawing a region you needed to send the task to server to get new recognition results. Whereas currently the field with new region will be populated with data from cached text layer. So, the feature is useful for remote and web stations for the fields which can be successfully recognized with default text data type.

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