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Hello all, I'm new to Abbyy and hoping for some help with a complex order form. I've attached an example form to make things clearer, but basically

1)each form will only have one orderer (listed at the top as Shuko Store Number 1, but this could be Shuko Store Birmingham or any other number of stores)
2)there will be multiple suppliers listed on the same form
3)for each supplier, there can be multiple items ordered (on this form sometimes there's only one item per supplier on the first page, but note from page 2 there's multiple items ordered for the same supplier)

So I'm supposing the items ordered and their details could be placed in a table system.... but all this information needed to be tied to the specific supplier.... and there needs to be multiple tables as there will be several sets of ordered items for each supplier. The orderer also needs to be recorded, which will be the same for every item and supplier. In the attached picture I've highlighted all these elements that would need to be reordered for just the first supplier.

I understand elements are the tools for pointing to the appropriate block/data value, but confused as to how to put all this together in the context of such a complex table. If anyone can off any suggestions or have a look at the attached form I'd be grateful.

Many thanks

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    hi! for such a structure pay attention to Repeatable Group. Seems to be perfect for it
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    Ivy is correct. Repeatable group would make short work of this. Please check your PM. I created a simple layout for you in about 30mins.

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