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I have been searching through the helps & the admin guide and many mentions of hot folders and even email/mailbox import for processing however I cannot find for the life of me where to actually set the hot folder location, or any other non-scan import options. You can enable them for a project in scan station but no configurations, and then nothing for the email possibility, or others either (using FC 11 dist.).

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    Since you are on distributed, you need to make sure of the following when using HotFolder

    1) You enable the HotFolder of the Project In the Processing Server
    2) You set a interval time in the Image Import Profiles and enable it.
    3) In the Image Profile Setting, under the Batch Setting, DO NOT select "Add Image to Current Batch" or "Add image to Specific Batch" These option only work for standalone.

    All these setting are setup in the Project Setup Station under - Project - Image Import Profiles. It is NOT on the ScanStation

    Also make sure your project is uploaded to the server.

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