TIP: DB issue when using default SQL Express - datatype int error

Some day you might get an error like this when opening up your project from the server "Arithmetic overflow error converting IDENTITY to datatype int. in method CFlexiCaptureWebServices ..."

Basically what happens is that the Event Table has created too many record for the SQL Express DB that you are using. Remember that the event log record every transaction in the FC system. i.e. If you have 5 Import Profiles set to 1 sec each. In about a year time, you would get over 2.5M records in the Event Table just for Import profiles only. If you don't do any clean up, more than likely you will encounter this problem.

How to Fix:

Go into SQL Management Studio and change EventLog Table ID column type from "int" to "bigint". This should give you access to your project and set the limit a lot higher. At this point I would probably export and backup the project just in case you need to trash the DB and start over again.

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