Recognition server-"there are no items to show in the view” error

I faced a problem with Recognition Server , I tried to connect Recognition server solution with my System in office 365 , but I couldn't do it because the following message appear to me “server was unable to process request access denied”, after I checked the Recognition server solution user guide I found that I must change the permission in registry to read and write as it mentioned and I changed the registry Permission It seems there were something error and I return the permission to the default , but now I can’t reach to the server , when I open the administrator console its appear to me “there are no items to show in the view” and the index , verification and scanner station are not connect with the server so please advise me what I should do to resolve this issue !! Also I tried to download the Solution in another PC , but I can’t complete this step because the license still active in and I can’t reach to the Solution !!!

Thank You in advance.

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    Not sure what the issue of your problem is but you might want to reach out to your sales rep. They can do a webinar to help resolve the issue. As for the license, you might be able to deactivate the license. Try that out. If that works, then you can activate the license on a new machine

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