FlexiCapture 11 platform improvements comparing to FlexiCapture 10

Value added solutions for enterprise customers

ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices and ABBYY FlexiCapture for Mailrooms advanced solutions based on the FlexiCapture 11 platform introduce value added scenarios for medium and large corporations.


Centralized scanning settings

Ability to set common scanning settings for all Scanning stations (even with different scanner models).

Web Scanning and Web Capture stations don’t require installing plugins.

If installation of plugins is prohibited or undesirable the scanning will be unavailable but it will be possible to upload images from the local folders and assign registration parameters.

Import from e-mail

Import from POP3 e-mail server with SSL or TLS encryption is supported. Source e-mails can be stored together with extracted data. Metadata from e-mails can be saved automatically.


Data Sets

Access to corporate data by using a cached copy of the original database which speeds up document processing, reduces security risks and provide additional capabilities.

Database look-up

Special database look-up dialog box suggests the best fitting records from the database. After the record is selected, all corresponding fields are filled with database values.

Field snapshots

Fragments of the original image are displayed next to data fields to facilitate visual review.

Cache-based suggestions for field values

The software suggests possible values from the OCR cache. An operator simply needs to select the correct one saving a lot of time on verification.


E-mail notifications

Subscription for e-mail alerts on errors, license expiration, running out of resources, etc.

Audit trail for login-logout events

All login and logout events on all FlexiCapture stations including Administration and Monitoring console and all WEB stations are logged for security audit and project control.

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