Using Abbyy Recognition server Indexing station through VPN


I have installed the Indexing station locally on my laptop and I'm connected to the server through VPN.
The issue I'm having is that when I launch the Indexing station, it says "No connection/ Error:Unable to perform RPC call. Access is denied..
I believe the indexing station uses windows authentication and it will fail because, the account that I'm logged in at my laptop doesn't exist in the domain where recognition server is installed.
How to pass different credentials while launching Indexing Station?
Is there any solution for this issue?


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    Katja Ovcharova
    Hello PhinkTad,

    The issue that you are getting can be resolved by creating Windows (not domain) user with the same name and password on both machines (with Server Manager and with Indexing Station) and running Indexing station on behalf of this user. After you add this user as Indexing operator on the server machine, it should be possible to establish the connection.

    This information is available in RecognitionServer 4 Admin Guide, section Troubleshooting (article named "The Server Manager fails to establish a connection with the Verification Station, the Indexing Station, or the Remote Administration Console installed on a different computer").
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    Hi Katja,

    Thank you for your response.

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