How do I recognize a VAT ID that is vertical on the page

I have a number of invoices where the VAT ID is written vertically on the left hand side of the page. How can I recognize these VAT ID's? I have tried to create an Additional FlexiLayout, but am unable to recognize the vertical text. I can see within the document definition that I can select the orientation, but sometimes the VAT ID is Horizontal as well as vertical.

Any ideas how to achieve this?




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    Vladislav Suvorov

    Hi TripleD,

    The most commonly used way of extracting vertical\horizontal information with the same static is:

    You have two service fields that correspond to vertical&horizontal orientations (from FlexiLayout) and a resulting field that is filled with either vertical or horizontal variation values after determining which type is the current one.

    Hope that helps,


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    I'm sorry I don't understand how to use two service fields in vertical and horizontal orientations in a FlexiLayout. Would it be possible to provide an example please?


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