Tips for processing large (5000+ page) batches automatically

Our mailroom creates large boxes of documents (4000 - 6000 pages). Once the boxes are created their pages are scanned and the images are manually grouped into batches based on their document definition. These batches are processed with Flexicapture 11. 

We recently created a project in ABBYY that detects and sorts the batches automatically, but we are having difficulty automating the import stage on the server because the boxes are so large

Because the batches are so large, they experience errors during the import stage

We were able to import boxes with Project Setup Station by importing 1000 pages at a time until all the images were in a single batch, but this process was time consuming, error prone, and required lots of attention

Is there a way to split the import stage into several tasks for large batches?

Since the Project Setup Station import method was successful, Is there a good way to automate this process on the processing server?






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    Andrew Zyuzin

    Hi, thank you for your question

    First of all, you can configure hotfolder to import 100 pages per one FlexiCapture batch (see Import Profile Options, Image loading step/tab, Number of fields to add = 'Several' and specify the number)

    If for some reason you need to put all 4000-6000 pages in one FlexiCapture batch, then you may split it to smaller portions (tasks) for processing: go to Project (or Batch Type) properties, Worflow tab, switch schema to Advanced. Then go through all stages in the list and press Edit button for each: uncheck "Wait for all documents of the a batch" and specify the number documents per task.

    Regards, Andrew

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    Matthew Harper

    I've tried that, but for some reason it wont split the import/scanning(?) stage into smaller portions. Is there something I'm missing?

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    Please check again that you follow all the steps from it exactly. If you made all configuration steps correctly but the document limit per batch was not applied, could you please record a video where we will see how the configuration is made and what is the result, and send us the link for downloading this video.


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