Separation of emails with a single attachment of multiple invoices

Here is the challenge.  

This vendor sends numerous, multi-page .pdf emails.  They are not able to split each invoice out separately.  This results in an attachment with more than one invoice.  Generally, all of the invoices are one page.  I can easily split these in ABBYY, but once they are trained they will bypass verification if they do not have any rule errors.

Can I control this via the hot folder settings or the project properties?

Thanks in advance!



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    Since the invoice project cannot assemble the pages into multi-page documents by itself, this task can be resolved by creating the extra layout for assembling. You'll need to add recognition stage which will use only this layout and assemble documents, then the recognition results will be cleared and matching will be kept for further usage by Invoice Layout..

    Another approach - on the FlexiCapture level you may also add the interactive stage of type “document assembly check”. On this stage you may merge the unrecognized pages manually to get the assembled documents, which then can be matched by invoice section correctly.


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