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I have a set of multi language forms with checkboxes and so on- used for customer surveys. I made my first document definition for the german one and then dublicated the document definition for the other languages.

when I edit a duplicated document definition and replace the image page to the eg. french version document definition is broken saying something like "page 1: Some elements used for document definition matching cannot be matched"

Starting a new document definition for every language (not dublicating) works fine- but is a lot of work !!!

Is ther a way to reset the auto generated classifiers in document definition after dublicating?

Thanks for your help.



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    As we understood, you have a fixed-form document definitions.

    We may offer you the following scenario:

    Create a new Document Definition from scratch that will contain only the elements common for all forms (like language-independent checkmarks, anchors, separators and barcodes). Then you'll be able to use this definition as a basis to create all others, by adding further language-dependent details, like text statics, to it. 

    The image page will have to be replaced every time you create the new variant. Then additional elements should be added until Document Definition becomes valid and unique to match the corresponding page.


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