Managing Exceptions from Email Import Profile Answered

We have an image import profile set to import from an email box. The email box has a rule to copy new items to a backup folder, as ABBYY will delete them on import. In the case that an exceptions occurs during import, ABBYY copys the email attachments and .MIM to a subfolder of the Exceptions folder, named by batch (HF_ID####).

After this occurs for some time, consider the following:

Empty email import box

20 emails copied to backup email box

20 subfolders created in the Exceptions folder (contain attachments and .MIM)

How does one match the items in the backup email box with the items in the exceptions folder (folders named by HF_ID###, and emails named arbitrarily)




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    In the import POP3 configuration there is an option "Attach mail to the package". Enable this option. After that the .eml file containing all the information from the letter (headers, body, attachments) will be attached to the package . It will be then possible to identify the folder using information from this file in the future.

    Otherwise, if .mim file has been created it may be opened manually.

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    Richard Wayne Smith

    Thank Ekaterina, I wanted to also let you know I found out you can rename the .MIM to .EML and open it with Outlook.

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    Can we delete Emails backup folder as its occupying more space on drive? Will this affect anything?



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