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Hi, I'm working in a FC11 project. It has a document definition based in a FL, consists in a large form (28 pag. aprox) with some text fields and a repeating group (with a QR field and a table inside). It's already configured and everything works fine.

In the time measure i've had made, (with 6 max. number of processes) i can have aprox. 30 documents recognized in an hour ready to verify.

I'm wondering if there are some general tips, maybe in the FL or batch type configuration, that could help to increase that number of processed documents a little bit in the hour.


Thank you


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    You may use “Fast” recognition mode on the FC level and FLS levels as shown on the screenshots if the quality of your document allows this.

    Also, from what you've written about your layout, the most probable candidate for optimization is the repeating group, as when it has over 50 instances, it can considerably slow down the matching if the search regions are not strictly delimited.

    To get more detailed advices about your situation, you'll need to contact your regional support and provide to it your FLS/FC projects and typical sample images.


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