FC12 for Invoices - unknown document in verification station Answered


I have a configured FC12 for invoices and it happens that i need to process "not invoice type" of document with the same settings and requirements as the invoices. Currently , these documents are categorized as "unknown" but ABBYY and even if I make them to go to the verification station, I don't have the fields from the document definition any more. Is there a way to force this uknown document and just type manually the information in the fields, and then export? 

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    Vladimir Dimitrijević


    You will need to create new workflow stage that will handle only documents without document definition set, add registration parameter that will point to which document definition you want to force that document, and route it back to the Recognition stage. But, Before matching event handler will force matching of your document definition.

    Follow these steps:

    1. Create new automatic workflow stage after Recognition stage
    2. Restrict set of Document Definitions being used: <Unknown>
    3. Add Document processing script (change value to correct document definition name):

    Document.Properties.Set("DocumentDefinitionName", "Your Document Definition Name");

    4. Set Exit route to Recognition and click OK

    5. Open Event Handlers and add code in Before matching event handler: 


        string documentDefinition = Document.Properties.Get("DocumentDefinitionName");
        Matching.DefinitionsList = documentDefinition;
        Matching.ForceMatch = true;


    Best regards,

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    Claus Nielsen

    Why is this happening in the first place? Of cource, I can just add the code, but with only (in my example) one document definition, it should just classify as "European Invoice".


    I've just tested with approx 400 documents and 30-40 documents was classified as unknown in the first place.

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    When a document is being recognized, the program tries to match it with Document Definitions added to the FlexiCapture project. Those Definitions can be fixed-form, based on static elements that are located in known places on the page, or flexible, that have less strict logic. If no Definition was matched, then the document is considered "unknown".
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    Vishal Trivedi


    Just wanted to confirm that if the document does not match means "Unknown", then flexicapture page count considers or not?



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    Stammerjohann, Max

    Thanks Vladimir Dimitrijević. Your Code Snippet helped me as well!


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