Remove Documents in Exception Stage Answered

Dear Community,

We have some documents inside a batch which go to exception stage. Unfortunately they reside there for ever and I cannot remove them. If I try to delete the document it says: "The current role does not allow editing documents which are being processed."

I am using the admin account and the Project Setup Station to modify the working batches.

Another option I want to consider is moving the files with exceptions directly to a Exception folder. What do I have to do here?


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    Pascal Kubenka

    You can try to delete the batch in the verification station.


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    Vladimir Dimitrijević

    Hi Michael,

    You can delete batch in the exceptions stage only by using Verification station. Regarding export of documents from the Exceptions stage, you can create additional stage called "ExportExceptions", just below Exceptions stage, with Exit route to Processed stage. And finally you would add the code to your new stage which you will use to export docs.

    It will work like this: operator would open Exceptions stage queue, and send tasks to new stage. After the export is performed, it will be sent to Processed stage and operator will see that documents are marked as processed. With this performed, you would have no batches or documents to delete then.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Vladimir,

    Could you explain more on the details on how to do it?



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