Processing Station "Activation Pending"

ABBYY Recognition Server. Remote console viewer has been working with one processing station (on a different machine) fine for a while now. But if I add a new processing station, it connects fine under "Test Connection." But instead of saying "Activated" as its status it says "Activation Pending", and it never moves to "Activated."


In the error logs the following appears:

ABBYY Recognition Server 4: Failed to send a request to a Processing Station at []: Unable to perform RPC call. Server is not available.


Obviously it's a connectivity issue, but I can't figure out what. Any ideas?

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    Please check the number of your stations in your license and your build number. We recommend to update your complex to the last version. If the problem still persists, please collect Windows Application & System Event Logs and send them to the regional support.


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