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Hi ,

I got a project file from other party for studying, I open the project and associate document definition using FlexiCapture 12 (Project Setup Station) locally.

I can spot that the project have around 20 document definition (No Batch type setting), only 2 of the document definition is Enable.

I try to open one of the disabled document definition and check some of the field settings.

Once I click the "Testing" tab and click "Test Batch"(Ctrl+R), it pops up a "No Document Definitions to match " error message.

Per my understanding, "Run Test" is to test the setting of the document definition.

So I expect even  it is disabled, There should be some output for my checking as well.

Any clues why this message it pop up and how can I fixed?


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    Could you please check if the “Enabled” checkmark is present on the Document Definition Editor > Document Definition Properties > General Tab? If the checkmark wasn’t marked or you cannot activate it please fixed your Document definition. Only valid Definition may be checked in the testing mode.

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    Stephen Yip Chak Pan

    I tried and it works after I enable it.

    Thanks Ekaterina!

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    Slimane OUZIALA

    Hi Ekaterina, 


    I have the same problem.

    I had configured my project on local and I publied it.

    Now I open the project on the server, and when I want to recognize my document I have this error "No document definition to associate"

    AND when I want to associate my document definision I had No Document Definition in the PopUp

    Despite, I had activate my Document Definition 


    Thank you In advance.

    Slimane Ouziala

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    Could you please send the screenshot what do you see at the Document Definition Window on the server?

    What result do you get when you try to import Document Definition from the local project?

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    Cristina Romera Belmonte

    Hello Ekaterina,

    I have made a new version of a third party project that uses the Invoice licence (it is a copy of this project). By testing it, it correctly recognises the document definition. 

    I uploaded this new version to the server and I got the following error: "No Document Definitions to match".

    Attached screenshot with the configuration


    WWhat am I doing wrong?


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