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I'm creating a project in FC 11 where the customer provides a lot of images with driver licenses.

The images are made by all their customers. They quality does vary from quite low to high – both in DPI and how the end-user has taking the photo (angle / distance / background).

Can anyone recommend a tool that can automatically “search” for a rectangle on an image, crop it and save it as a new file so that the file does not have a lot of noise in the background?

I need this tool as a “pre-processor” before importing it into FC11 (then I’ve would use the hot folders import)

Thanks :-)


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    For the purpose of images pre-processing you may use the FlexiCapture Engine program (it is an SDK that can be integrated with the FlexiCapture projects). 

    There are objects, like ImageProcessingTools Object (IImageProcessingTools Interface) that allow to preprocess images before recognition. The methods provided by this object can be used when implementing a custom image source for the FlexiCapture processor. 

    To know more please contact OCR SDK forum or Technical support serving your region.

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    Claus Nielsen

    Thank you. SDK may be the solution.


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