Matching vendor from database. Strange overwriting of SQL data


From time to time we observe this behaviour.

We have a list of vendors in the master database.

On rare occasions we see that we find the vendor, but for some reason the phonenumber in the 
VENDOR-section is overwritten with the value that the OCR-engine has found, meaning that the value from the vendor SQL-data is not used for vendor matching, when data enters the integrating ERP-system.

I suspect there is some setting to make sure that we use the phonenumber from the vendors SQL data, but how and where?


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    Vladimir Dimitrijević


    You can change the setting in appropriate rule to use data from database (for example "Vendor must be found in database"), double click on field and check value "Enter value from database" and uncheck "Search".
    You can also set "Do not recognize" value on this field, To do this, you should change the settings in field properties, in tab Recognition.

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