TIFF to DOC Conversion in FineReader Server Not Preserving Formatting

We have a prospective client who is looking to process incoming TIFF files with FineReader Server and output the files to DOC file format.  However, when we've tested this workflow, we notice that a lot of the formatting (document images, alignment, etc.) are not preserved in the DOC file.

However, when we convert the TIFF file to a PDF file first in a separate workflow and THEN submit the PDF file to a workflow that outputs the DOC file, a lot more of the formatting is preserved.

Can anyone provide me with a technical explanation of why the "TIFF to DOC" workflow doesn't preserve the formatting as well as the "TIFF to PDF to DOC" workflows?  I'd like to give the client an informed response.


Ben Holton

Loffler Companies

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    Please address the issue to the regional support. Send them your workflow, samples and describe your scenario.


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