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Hello all!

Does anybody know here, how to handle a problem when Flexicapture project cannot be exported beacuse of missing referenced .NET assembly?

I use Newtonsoft.Json and changed from one version of dll to another. Flexicapture keeps showing error messaage on project export. Nevertheless of version I attach to project it's still here (either 11 or 10 version cannot be found).


Could anyone clarify about cleaning up dependencies and importing them again into project?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Matthew Harper

    If the document definitions and batch types are the only objects that reference your assembly, you can just disable and remove them and your project will probably export

    If you aren't able to do that, you might be able to restore/remove/update the missing assembly from the '.net references' tab located in document definitions, batch types, and project properties. Does anything in your project still reverence this version of your dll in this tab? If so, it's likely the cause of part of the problem

    If you've exported this project before, you might also be able to retrieve the versioned dll you are missing and use it to clear the error



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    Matthew Harper

    Any progress?


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