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We would like to add a processing station to our network solution.

1.I have installed a processing station on a new pc. I have not installed anything else on this pc. (deselected all other flexicapture station possibilities during the installation)
==> This gives me a service on the new pc called ABBYY FlexiCapture Processing Station service.
==> I add this on the processing server as a processing station.

==> I get an error when trying to start the service. A logon error. So either my password is wrong or I miss to install/configure something.


Question: Is there anything else I need to install/configure on the Processing station?

Thx in advance.

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    Matthew Harper

    It looks like you set it up correctly, so it likely is a configuration issue.

    There are a few things that might be causing this problem:


    Are you certain that the flexicapture version on the new station is the same as the one on the processing server?

    Is the processing station service running on the processing station?

    Is that processing station service using the same logon account as the service on other stations?

    Does the station perform some tasks correctly but fails on others? (ex. Recognition works but import doesn't)



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    Looks like the main issue is the task "importing".

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    Matthew Harper

    I dealt with the exact same issue recently. If the processing station performing the 'import' task doesn't have the correct service login then the import task will fail. 

    Here's what we did to resolve the issue:

    1. Open the station that correctly performs the import task (the working station)

    2. Open the 'Services' application (Start > Windows administrative tools > Services)

    3. Right click the service 'ABBYY Flexicapture 12 Processing Station' and select 'Properties'

    4. Navigate to the 'Log On' tab

    5. Record these settings and compare them to the settings on the new station (the faulty station)

    The Log On configuration for the new station needs to match the Log On configuration for the working station. If the new station isn't set up this way it needs to be updated to those settings. Our new stations were failing the import task as well, and once we made this change they resumed importing with no issues


    Let me know if this didn't resolve your problem and please mark my comment as a solution if it did!


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