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We run a flexicapture-for-invoices solution as a portal for 600 customers.
We use it as a portal so we have a big load of different vendors. 
We do not vendor-match using company name, street, adress, postnumber and so forth, as that
gives to many false positives.

We match using Organisationnumber, phonenumber, IBAN, SWIFT, Bank-Acccount.
Sometimes this is not enough and we still get false positives.

We consider adding more columns to the vendor-database in order to get a correct match. Looking for very specific text, that we define in these customized columns.

But does anyone have experience with doing this? How much does each column "Weigh" when a match is calculated ? Any tricks/hints would be appreciated.

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    Please address your issue to the regional support. Send them the project, some sample images and describe your scenario and your purpose very detailed.


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