When Migrating Training from Project Setup, Flexi Doesn't Bring Custom Field Blocks/Tables

Hi Everyone,

I am working on training batches of invoices in Project Setup Station, then exporting to FlexiLayout Studio.  I have created a Doc Def that includes an extra table and some extra fields.  Is there a way to customize what gets sent over and is preloaded as blocks?  I am only seeing some of my custom fields being brought over as blocks and not others.

For example, say I created a table called "Info" with 5 text fields.  I trained the invoices in Project Setup Studio to grab those fields in my custom table "info".  When I export the Flexi and open in FlexiLayout, that table is not there in the blocks and I have to create the Table Block "info" every time and create the text field blocks underneath that I am looking for.




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    Sorry, the LineItems training mechanism is different from the single field training mechanism, and that prevents transferring LineItems training results from the training batches to the FlexiLayout Studio project.

    If you want to tune the matching of tables in FlexiLayout Studio, you will need to create table or repeating group in the FlexiLayout Studio project.


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