Problem capturing data from simple multi-page table.

I have a table in a simple format, spanning a couple of pages.


Column Name 1, Column Name 2, Column Name 3 etc

Data 1                 Data 2                  Data 3               etc

Data 1b               Data2b                 Data3b               etc


This fills an entire page. Then on page 2 it continues, but the column names aren't repeated. So of course in my table settings I tick "Look for header"->"header is optional" and I leave "header is on each page" unticked. Since header are the column names. First page is done perfectly, all columns detected with appropriate size and length.

In the second page nothing is different, layout is exactly the same, the only difference is that the column names are not repeated. So I expect abby to simply use exactly the same layout as in 1st page. Same column divisions, column width, etc.

But for some reason on the second page... Big problems. Some columns aren't detected, column width is different and butchers my data in half, etc. Any idea why or how to fix?




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