Auto detect and correct Orientation MultiPage Layout Answered

I have created Multi-page Flexilayout for a 3 Page document. The same ha been imported into document definition as well in Flexicapture Project.

Issue: Whenever second OR third page has incorrect orientation 90 to 180 degree it does not corrects the orientation.

However it automatically detects and corrects the orientation of first page but it does not rotate subsequent pages. Flexicapture receives these documents in the via webservice hence we do not have control over scanning station. 


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    Update: This issue was resolved as we received solution from ABBYY support.

    Page orientation correction settings have to be kept uniform in Flexilayout , Flexicapture Project and Document Definition.

    1. Flexilayout : Flexicapture Studio | Tools | Orientation and Units

    2. Project Setup Studio : Project | Recognition | Advanced | Correct Page Orientation if Any

    3. Document Definition | Document Definition Properties | Advanced Full Text Recognition | Correct Page Orientation if Any

    In case you are using classifier project :

    4. Flexilayout : Same settings as in flexi layout project.

    5. Project Setup Studio : Project | Recognition | Classification | Properties | Classification Tab | Full text Recognition | Advanced 


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