Fixing the column width in Table element in a repeating group


Is there a way to fix the column width in the table? 

We have a repeating table group to be extracted from an invoice, however in some group of the invoice table columns, data of one particular column extends a certain width, which distorts the column sequence for that particular repeating group. Is there a way to fix the column width so that the column distortion can be prevented.

Please refer to the ColumnWidth.png file. The 3rd Invoice Repeating Group is distorted, probably due to the length of data that would have been HAWB column.

Also, in the screenshot ExcludeSub-Total.png, we would like to exclude the entire row of data which contains "Sub-Total". Is there a way to do that as well?






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    Please look at the “Fixed width” option on the data form window.


    When you specify a fixed width for a field, long text strings will be wrapped to the field size.


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